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N + S: We're BFFs who founded this blog. Eh, we talk about ourselves too much. Besides, our deal is explained here.

Tina: Tina is currently a high school senior in California. She loves finding dangly earrings from street vendors and summer dresses from Target. She hopes to be involved in the PR world in the future and is excited to be working on the marketing and social media end of Stuff Under Twenty.

Laura: Laura is a twenty something newspaper reporter by day and a styled obsessed hand bag diva at night. Although, really she is styled obsessed about everything from peep-toe shoes to dangling earrings. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and a "Southern gal wanna be" after living in North Carolina for five years, now Laura finds herself in Kansas. Really? Yup, she is in the heart of America with a Wal-Mart and J.C. Penny. What's a girl to do? Online shop and share her finds for under $20 on Stuff Under Twenty. Check her out on "Boomerang Thursday" and read all about her Kansas life on Tales from the Boomerang Lady. (photo by Kellie Kano)

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