how it all started

Great idea! Who thought of it?

S and I often scour the internet searching for affordable and stylish clothing; after two years of emailing each other links of things we love, S called me and said, "I have this idea, where instead of emailing you links to cheap stuff we love, we put them up on a blog." I think we were both skeptical about our commitment at first, but then we remembered that we love the internet, and we love finding things on the internet, and we love sharing those lovely things with people on the internet.

Who are you people?

We're S and N. When we're not looking at great items on the internet, we're those two twenty-something women who are trying to figure out our lives and trying to balance everything in it. Figuring out our careers, pursuing our ambitions, trying to maintain a social life, and now, trying to manage this growing blog! We wouldn't have it any other way.

Best friends, right?

Yup. We met in the middle of college and have been hooked at the hip ever since. We're in different parts of the country, but we stay in touch way more than most people can believe. Seriously. It's kind of weird.

Do you only buy things under $20?

Sadly, no. But we try to. We both work with tight budgets and grew up in families that valued a great sale and buying classics. We try to find deals when we can and don't believe in spending more than we have. It's worked for us so far!

I have a question.

Great! Feel free to contact us with any products you might want to share, suggestions for the blog, or inquiries about sponsorships. Our weekly "Weekend Words" segment usually lets our readers know what's going on in our own, non-blog lives. But hey, if you have any other questions (S is pretty good with fashion stuff, and I'm always down to give my opinion on relationships) drop us a line!


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  2. I love your blog. I have a college age daughter who is constantly looking for the best deals. I'm going to follow you two so I can keep up with what is in style with the twenty somethings.


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