tuesday: stuff under twenty

Well, hello there. How great is this diary with a little clock built in? I like both the idea of using it actually chronicle your day and the idea of incorporating it in some wacky way into the mysterious stuff you do in your diary that I don't know about because it's your diary.


tuesday: stuff under twenty

I consider these my find of the weekend. How perfect!
$20 (free shipping worldwide) at beautyspot

Faux fur cowl with long faux-feathery bits. I think if you're going to go faux fur, you should go a little crazy with it!
$19.49 (35% off!) at spotted moth

Pretty set of 10 3-D butterflies with sticky backs to instantly accessorize a room. I was worried that these would fall apart quickly, but I read through the comments and they seem to be very positive about durability. I like these as an alternative to the decal trend. A little smaller but with a bit more pop.
$19 at hip and clavicle

All-natural hand-made soaps filled with all kinds of goodness. You can also pick them up for $6 a pop at the Rocky Top Soap Shop. Isn't that a fun jingle? Check out the shaving soaps and shampoo bars too! You'll be as clean as a cow can say moo! (I should stick to graduate school.)
$18 at RockyTopSoapShop


thursday: steal under twenty

This is like the epitome of understated statement jewelry. Just a ring, so it's not like STATEMENT, a muted pinkish-white on the little beads, but paired with shimmery imperfect gold buddies, and an adjustable stretch band. It looks good in what appears to be a bowl of oats in an industrial bowl on a burlap sack, so seriously, seriously, seriously there is no flipping way it could not look good on a human hand.
$6 (originally $28) at Spool No. 72


wednesday: shop under twenty

I chanced upon Jem Apparel via Madeline's blog Uber Chic for Cheap (check it out, it's cute!). There are not actually that many products under twenty there, but the clean look and tasteful style caught my eye. It has a little bit of a toned-down Modcloth feel in its dresses and a Loft vibe in its tops. The feel is more timeless than trendy, although it definitely has a slightly retro twist that, funnily enough, is very now. I really like the website, although I think it could be kicked up a 100% with a front-and-center and elaborated "about us" or "our story" page. I'm such a sucker for those, and I can't help but think there must be some kind of story here. I'd love to know where the clothes are manufactured, who her inspirations are, and some outfit ideas. Big props for the "hidden jems" page.

I think I picked through all the below $20 stuff and found these "jems". If you're willing to go to a slightly higher price point, there are absolutely gorgeous dresses and a few classic coats.

I rarely see this beautiful smoky blue-gray in affordable jewelry.

To prettify a plain winter coat in nothing flat.

This is the year that I meant to buy an infinity scarf, except I live in a place where "winter" is two weeks of rain, so maybe you should buy this instead of me.

Ruffles without being ruffle-y, you know? I would layer with buttoned cardigan so just a few petals show!

Looking forward to seeing more come out of Jem Apparel, especially if it's below that magic twenty-dollar mark.


tuesday: art under twenty

It's a whale of a tail!
Dreamy sketch of a church in Prague. I like the connect-the-dots feel.
$20 at architectsketch

Pretty and bold.
$20 at Karen Faulkner Art

What a great print for an entryway.
$18 at farouche

So it's post-Valentine's Day. That just makes it extra special.
$20 at LoveSugar