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Hi Readers,

Not much to report on my end this week. I feel like the week has been long, but good. Busy, but good. So I'm taking tonight off to watch The Cosby Show marathon on tv, drink a beer and balance my checkbook. Sometimes that's what Friday nights look like. Tomorrow I'm doing a bit of a girls night out with one of my best friends since high school. I haven't been out dancing in a long time so I'm excited about it - next time I'll def. be taking the guy with me. The guy is out of town for about ten days, off on a canoe trip and if all goes well he'll have a wonderful time and lots of great stories when he returns.

I finally booked my tickets for a conference I'm attending in September. Details on that lovely trip later.

Here's a random question for readers - do they still sell tickets at box offices anymore? Everyone tells me Ticketmaster is really the only way to go to buy tickets to concerts and shows but the surcharges seem ridiculous! So I'm calling upon you recessionistas for advice - tell me where there are other options!

S is in Los Angeles this weekend, as she often ends up there for business. In the midst of taking care of work related things, she's headed to one of our mutual friends' annual bbqs. I'm bummed I won't be there, but the great thing about S and me is that if one of us goes to something, it feels like we both went. Does that make sense? It does to us. I think she's going out tonight - she's been out more times in the last two weeks than either of us in the last month I think. I tip my partying cap to her.

Nothing to report on the business end of the blog so I'll end with a reminder to enter our fabulous new giveaway - a bundle of back to school clothes from America's Basics! Details here.

Tell us what you're up to this weekend friends - we love hearing from you!

N + S

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