Sponsored Post: Funktional Spa's Soapy Goodness

You know 'em and love 'em as wynndrew but they're beautifully repackaged and just as delicious smelling over at Funktional Spa!

Let's start our little tour of delicious-land with a set. I love sets. The truth is, I hate sets. The real truth, I want to hate sets, because there's always going to be something you don't use in them. But the realest truth is that I LOVE SETS. Call it a miscalibrated value-perceptor (yes, I am excellent at making up seemingly scientific terms) or call it a developmental stall in 7th grade, where the one and only acceptable gift for all holidays and the ever-in-vogue-in-seventh-grade sorry-that-Trisha-and-I-were-mean-to-you-we-want-to-be-a-club-again days was a set from Bath & Body Works. Two points to anyone who can guess where I grew up based on this description. Three points to anyone who knows where the only other acceptable gift came from.

Back to sets. Here is a set. Now, usually I would strain to hate this set when my heart really wanted to embrace it and slather it all over three different body parts. But here's where Funktional Spa mixes it up. It is a set. But it's a set of bath salt, soap bar, and lip balm: Three things I would actually use!

And hell, they even threw in a loofah! Not something useless, but something that would facilitate the use of one of the other three things. And it's all in orange. Which is delicious. I'm feeling a deep sense of congruence as for the first time in the many years since 7th grade I can actually love what I actually love. Eighth graders, heads up! (Oh yeah, and it all weighs in at 15 bucks.)

Turning the corner, here's something a little different. I've really been on a moss kick. When I say I'm on a kick, I mean that I endlessly scour the internet for the thing I am interested in, and send pictures to people I love (who must apparently love me very much), asking for their opinion, alternating with IM-ing them links of whatever I'm on a kick for, also asking for their opinion. Here's the thing about moss: I could keep it alive. Although my writing style undoubtedly leads you to a different conclusion, I am actually very skilled at keeping small people alive. Don't be fooled, however, because this in no way has transferred to my ability to keep far less complex organisms with far greater survival instincts alive. Look at this moss, though, adorably named the Funk-Shui Moss. Look at how alive I could keep it! And check out the concrete bowl (available at benjr's Etsy shop). It's got tons of recycled materials in it - according to him, "anything from styrofoam, plant material, steal wool, to leftover wall paint". These things are already dead so I don't have to bother with keeping them alive! At only 20 bucks, I'm definitely considering bringing another life form into my apartment.

Continuing on our way, let's take a detour to man-land. There are many sporting events and barbecues here, according to the advertising industry. There are also miles of open road where you too can be a professional driver on a closed course. And most importantly, there is Beer. Which, advertisers, I gotta quibble with, because we would like a bit of that in woman-land as well, which is apparently populated mainly with hair removal products and chocolate. Ok, complaint registered, let's get back to the beer. Why don't we throw in some leather scent. A touch of amber and sandalwood later, we have sandalwood and leather scented beer soap. I could stay in man-land for quite a while. For all the men out there, don't forget to look at the shaving soap and shaving brushes as well. Your own women and men will appreciate it.

It's almost time to leave, but I have to showcase the clarity body butter. It's infused with bergamot (that's what you smell in Earl Gray tea!), basil, lemon and grapefruit essential oils, is 10 bucks, and will last you a looooong time. And it reminds me of frosting, which never hurts. Cruelty free as always.

What are you waiting for? Take a vacay over to Funktional Spa yourself. Their ever-expanding line of fun, pretty, yummy, useful products means there's a great find for everyone!