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We like to think of ourselves as relatively well-informed (depending on how busy we are that week, right?), but it's scary what all can be going on outside our little corner of the world that we miss. On August 8th, Typhoon Morakot blew through some of the most poverty stricken parts of Southern and Central Taiwan and destroyed houses, buildings, roads, businesses, as well as families and lives with over 10 ft of rain which led to flooding and mudslides that has killed hundreds and leaving thousands homeless. A friend of ours is donating the proceeds from the sale of her Taiwan Tee to the Tzuchi Foundation to help the victims of the typhoon. You know we don't usually do this, but it's a great tee, a good cause, and a fabulous price. Hope some of you are sporting this look soon. Please spread the word! Chunkytees.com has some videos and info about the typhoon and aftermath.

$15 at ChunkyTees

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  1. Thanks for bringing this T-shirt to our attention!


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