short red pendant necklace

I'm dedicating today to Ann Taylor Loft because I freaking love that store.

Today when I got home, the red cowboy boots I ordered in a shoe-buying frenzy last week were at my door. (My low-heel crocodile pumps and new Rainbows have already been warmly welcomed into my shoe closet.) While I was pulling them on, I was like, oh these are definitely going back. I guess this is a thing with cowboy boots (?) where the shaft is pretty loose? Maybe you need to tuck your heavy-duty cowgirl jeans in there or something? And the foot part was tight, so it was like, definitely return, do not pass Go, do not collect $200 (ok actually collect something that's not $200 but definitely isn't $20 upon return). I am a return freak, by the way. I return probably 75% of what I buy. I'm that girl who returns groceries. But then, I was like let me throw a dress on just in case I somehow decide on a different size in my next shoe-buying frenzy, which doesn't even make sense because would I get smaller for the shaft or larger for the foot? And while I was putting the dress on, my boots somehow did something magical and all of the sizing issues fell away, and I was like, oh. Am I now the owner of a pair of red cowboy boots? Maybe so. Let me tell you, though. They are ridiculous. They are mad cowboy, and they are mad red. And it would be that thing where I'd be wearing red cowboy boots. But if I kept them, I would probably get a necklace like this to go with them.

$19.99 at ATL


  1. Yup, that's how cowboy boots are. The shaft is always a bit loose...so you can tuck in your skinny jeans...and the foot is always a bit tight so your feet don't slip when you're rustling cattle. Honestly, though, every time I put on my (bitchin' black and white snakeskin with silver toe-caps) cowboy boots, I think that the foot feels too tight. And then after I've worn them for about 20 minutes, everything loosens up just enough to feel right. It's just how they're made!

  2. keep them.

    and you have to post pics.

    there is a red cowboy boot wearing girl somewhere in all of us......

    <3 sarasophia


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