marisa bootleg washed dobby pants

So for a long time I thought ATL was like Chico's or Coldwater Creek, which are places that I hope that I am bright enough to realize when it is my time to leave H&M behind for. And either they came up with an awesome marketing campaign or I matured significantly or both, because ATL is on my regular I only have 15 minutes to hop around the mall circuit and usually the place I come away clutching something new from. My bestest ATL purchase has been a pair of 19.99 jeans, which is kind of ridiculous because of how truly unexpectedly awesome they are. Really, ATL? Jeans? I totally thought it was a fluke until I took N there for some new jeans and she got a totally different pair for twenty bucks that was also awesome. Anyway, there's no denim that cheap on their site right now but go in because they usually rack it on a rack to the side. However, these pants look fantastic for the summer and I can promise you (n=2) that ATL pants are awesome.

$19.99 (from $49.50) at ATL

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  1. I only recently discovered the Loft and I kind of think of it as a grown-up version of American Eagle. I've outgrown AE's styles now that I'm a college grad, but my budget isn't quite where AE's older sister store, Martin + Osa, thinks it should be. I've bought a few really cute dresses at the Loft and I love these pants! I will definitely be stopping by to try them.


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