tuesday: stuff under twenty

I consider these my find of the weekend. How perfect!
$20 (free shipping worldwide) at beautyspot

Faux fur cowl with long faux-feathery bits. I think if you're going to go faux fur, you should go a little crazy with it!
$19.49 (35% off!) at spotted moth

Pretty set of 10 3-D butterflies with sticky backs to instantly accessorize a room. I was worried that these would fall apart quickly, but I read through the comments and they seem to be very positive about durability. I like these as an alternative to the decal trend. A little smaller but with a bit more pop.
$19 at hip and clavicle

All-natural hand-made soaps filled with all kinds of goodness. You can also pick them up for $6 a pop at the Rocky Top Soap Shop. Isn't that a fun jingle? Check out the shaving soaps and shampoo bars too! You'll be as clean as a cow can say moo! (I should stick to graduate school.)
$18 at RockyTopSoapShop

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