friday: shop under twenty

Have you heard of Nasty Gal? I feel about 95yo, because the name makes me go, is this what kids are naming their stores these days? But the selection is beautiful! Their collection has a vintage-y, street vibe. It's one of those shops where I take one look at the home page, and I want to click off, because I'm sure t-shirts cost $89 bucks. But there's a bunch of stuff that's adorable and surprisingly affordable. You can choose to shop "new" or "vintage", but (fair warning) the vintage looks more expensive! They also have a cute blog. In the under-20 range, they have a few tops, but a ton of gorgeous accessories, especially socks/tights-related stuff.

The thin stripes and navy/white mix brings elegance to this pretty casual tee.

Delicate, yet bold, necklace!

Um, love these! I've wanted to jump on the knee-high trend for a while, but I'm not totally sure how to do it without being inappropriate (schoolgirl, anyone?). I like that these are toned down in black, but also have a little bit of pretty detail. Gonna be honest, I don't like those shoes, but I could see it working with a skimmer or maybe even a wedge bootie.

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  1. I love your website! It's totally for me! :D I love that you find deals that I wouldn't come across otherwise and all for under 20! Great job! Now, let me check out this Nasty Gal...


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