spring words

Dear readers,

We have approached that coming-of-age moment in every blog's life. No, not the own-domain-name or the redesign. Not the adding contributors (way past that, shoutout to Boomerang Thursday!) or the hooking up with social media (we went a little crazy, like every adolescent blog, but settled down comfortably with fb and twitter!). Nope. What we're talking about is extended-blog-break.

After much angst, we've decided to celebrate our eighteen-month (can you believe it?) anniversary with a little blog vacation. We have some important real-life things to conquer in the next month, and that's where we'll be. Of course, we'll be noticing and gabbing about things under twenty bucks the whole time!

We're going to miss you! We'll be back with more great bargains.

Happy summer, recessionistas,
S + N


  1. Happy Summer to you! Enjoy the break, but come back! :-)

  2. I am really missing this site. Please come back soon!


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