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Happy Monday, readers! Let's start off the week right with some trendy and affordable clothes, hm? If you haven't checked out Shock Boutique yet, 1. you're missing out, and 2. your procrastination has paid off, because we dove in and looked through every single item under 20 bucks on the site and picked out our favorites for you!

First up, a classic with a little oomph added. This black tiered cami ($19.99) paired with jeans is exactly right for spring weather. I love the double straps and the slightly dropped tiers.
The collar and tuxedo detailing are what caught my eye on this red pinstripe button-down ($15.99).
We've actually featured this perfectly cut plaid button-down ($20) before, but I think it's clear to all of us that is plaid is going to stick around for awhile. So those of you who are late adopters, get to it!
Looking to spice up a plain dress or t+skirt combo? Look no further than this navy patchwork cardigan ($19.99)! I like the j.crew vibe at old navy price!
I totally surprised myself by liking this fedora ($18)! Brimmed hats are not my thing at all, but the summery look of this hooked me.
Scarves that are both big and lightweight are my holy grail. I hate the wind on the neck (ridiculously so) so even when it's hot I want to be covered up, but without feeling hot. (Yes, I'm a bit high maintenance...) This peacock one is check, check, and gorgeous ($18). And it's no surprise I adore the circle sunglasses either ($20).
This bandage skirt ($19.99) is only available in L, but I had to post it. Love the style, love the color, love it, love it, love it.

Luckily, all sizes are still available in this printed mini ($16.99). Printed bottoms are tricky, but the muted pattern in blue and gray makes it surprisingly versatile.
Statement of statements - the beaded braided necklace ($15). Awesome.

Continuing with that whole statement theme, I'm loving this stretchy ring with blue stones ($12). You know that whole yearning to grow up to be a princess thing? Capture it in your own very grown up way. Also loving this star ring ($8).

What are you waiting for? Go check out Shock Boutique! There's tons of cute stuff that's just a smidge over 20 bucks, and remember code UNDER20 gets you free shipping!

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