weekend words

Man, 2010 has not heralded great punctuality and discipline on our parts, hm, readers? We still love ya, and we definitely still love things under twenty bucks, we promise.

Would you believe I got on four flights and one nine-hour car ride this weekend en route to a swanky conference in Southern California and then to a bachelorette party in Las Vegas? Yes, I did, and it was kind of great. I had an unexpectedly lovely time with an old friend, and learned that bachelorette parties in Vegas are actually just as great as they sound. Huge congratulations to my friend E!

And this is ridiculous, but I have no idea what N did this weekend! Crazy. Luckily N+S reunion 4.0 (2010 has been a great year for our reunions) commences next weekend.

Can I wish you all friends and food and bargains for the week?
S + N

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