weekend words

Sorry for the delayed weekend words reader,

I'm in a particular ski area this weekend with the guy and his friends. It started off stressful for reasons that don't belong in this post but now is awesome. I'm actually not a skier which meant while everyone was away from the house I proceeded to sit in a hot tub surrounded by falling snow. Amazing.

S is entertaining one of our favorite people and is then hunkering down to do some serious working. Which is good because she's headed for a whirlwind of conferences, bachelorette and engagement parties for the next few weeks.

Readers, tell us about that period where all of a sudden all your friends start getting engaged. I can't describe the feeling in any other words except "Is it that time already?"

Lots of love to the fans (i.e. you!)

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  1. "That period" (where all your friends start getting engaged) makes me want to scream!


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