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Hi Readers,

It's the second month of the year and things are finally starting to feel like 2010. We're back to serious working-like-crazy, we're back to thinking of ways to expand the blog and keep bringing you awesome items under $20, and we're still both trying to juggle everything in our lives.

S is recovering from bronchitis and I'm congested so badly that I seriously feel like my skull is going to explode - but the good news is we're both getting better and are laying low this weekend. The guy's parents were in town last weekend which was a whirlwind of excellence. This weekend I'll be at my parents house, then off to a superbowl party that is sure to be delicious.

S is working and traveling and juggling away - hopefully she's resting a wee bit, alongside her new friend, the excellent dramedy "Castle". Any fans?

We're aggressively looking for guest bloggers to help spice up the site, and we're also looking for feedback on our much more minimalistic site. Get in touch! thesignificantothers (at) gmail (dot) com

Go Colts and Saints, depending on who you're all about this year!

N + S

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