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This is so not the point of anything, particularly the weekend, but I was re-watching some old TV, and it's a completely ridiculous statement, and it only works because it's Clark, but it is Clark, and I just love this:
I shave, sir. I have a driver’s license. I’ve won a couple of fist fights. I’ve saved a life. I have lain with woman. I’ve been hustled at pool, I’ve defied my father’s wishes. I have broken hearts and I have been heart broken. So by all the markers of this society I am a grown man. -Dr. Clark Edison, Bones
And we most certainly do not run a link blog to cute children on the internet, but I also love this.

I guess, at the very heart of the internet (or maybe America? who even knows?), what's the point of having your very own blog if you can't put whatever you want on it, eh?

This has been a sad week. Bad things have happened to people. At first I wanted to write, "to good people", but it would not have been less sad if it had been to bad people, and how do you tell who's a bad person? The overarching message of my professional training and personal life has been that it's really easy to mix up "bad people" with "people to whom bad things happen". We were talking the other day about how when bad things happen, it feels like the world should stop and grieve, stop and be grateful, stop and care. But if the world stopped even for just the tragedies of the people I know and know of, the world would be stopped all the time. Isn't that completely overwhelming?

I'm not really one to look to the German, but there's that German word people are always talking about that means sadness about the world's pain. It is sorrow and helplessness turned outward, in a way. We all know I'm a little drama, but this week and this year have been like that a little. Last year, bad things happened too fast to think about the world, and this year is the truth that it's always been like that and always will be like that, but the speed just shifts for individual people.

On that note, friends, we hope for a good week for you, with just a bit of time stopped, some time re-watching old TV, and some time looking at adorable children on the internet.


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