weekend words

Since we're not quite able to do this in our real lives, we've decided to take the day off in our blog lives. Fa la la la laaaa la la la la.

For you bargain hunters, check out the huge sales at 6pm, endless, gap & co (40% off a boatload of stuff), express (lots of pretty things 40% off plus $15 gift card for every $60 spent), dsw (boots on sale, free shipping, save me from myself...), and ny&co (literally everything is 50% off... WHAT?).

For you bargain hunters with enough clothes (I know, I know), please, please, please do yourself a favor, click here and become obsessed with a whole new genre of bargain consumption. 20x200 has a crazy beautiful holiday gift guide up. You know what, I wanted you to click so badly I just stopped writing this post and googled how to take a screenshot on my Mac to add visual interest and entice you there to buy prints that I can no longer buy because the surfaces in my apartment are covered with prints. And everything is $20.

N had a big, big week - job, home, life wise - and that girl needs to take a break. I did not have a big, big week, but don't you think for one second that will keep me from taking a break.

Enjoy your weekend, friends, whether you're stuck inside with a blizzard outside or sighing as you reach for yet another t-shirt as your lovely new wool coat is relegated back to the who-am-i-kidding-i-do-not-belong-in-this-climate pile. For those of you who celebrate a holiday next week, try to find a second or two to yourself before the beautiful crazy starts. For those you who don't, why not do the same, except without that second clause and with a bit of relief about that?

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