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Hi Readers,

Our N & S Reunion will commence in about 15 hours, which is very exciting. That seems to be all the news I can think of right now.

The guy and I are moving in together - have I mentioned this to our Stuff Under Twenty readers? Tell me how you found your places - I'm looking for a place in the Bay Area, where rent ain't cheap - it's sort of like dating. You're trying to find the right place and you have to be charming and have the right stats and you may love the place and they may not love you. Dumping ensues.

Anyways if you live in the letter shoot us an email if you know of a place and want more details from me about what we're looking for- seriously! We think of you all as one big family and family helps out!

So, the point is we're trying to house hunt in the midst of our schedules. We'll see how things go...

S is crazy busy! I feel like everytime I call her she's getting work done which is pretty incredible given how much I call her. At least holiday season is upon us and that means holiday parties and that means flirting and free drinks. Hopefully she'll get a little bit of a break this weekend. We're off to our favorite bar in the area for long chats and garlic fries.

Until Monday!

N + S

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