weekend words

About a million years ago, I wrote this down without the source. Can someone tell me where it's from? Enjoy it, and your weekend. Hoping for quiet and productivity and safe homecomings.

when i was younger, you could tell i was average from my drawings. although my parents would gush about them and put them on the fridge like on tv shows, my pictures had all the trappings of an average child's perceptions. no necks to hold the head separate from the box-like body; an explicable white space between the blue sky and the green earth. when i looked up, i saw blue and when i looked down, i saw green. only an extraordinary child looks to the horizon.

didn't i notice, with all this looking up and down, that my head moved as though independent of the body? and how did i explain turtlenecks?

in my own defense, young children do have rather short necks.

this, of course, is not my point.

i mean to say that it takes average humans a while to figure out how opposites connect. sky meets earth; mind meets body; good meets bad; love meets hate. we leave enormous white spaces between things that really converge in a perfect line, or conjoin those that need to swivel in separate ways.

maybe this is the fault of our own positions in experience. perhaps because we are blind on the planes of the abstract, we have to infer the very nature of the separate entities. this is the work of a lifetime. discovering their connections may be impossible, unless by a most extraordinary human being.

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