Weekend words

Hi Readers,

Well, I can't believe it but Thanksgiving is around the corner and thus kicks off, for many of us, the holiday season. Even if you're not celebrating a holiday this season, it's still going to be thrown in your face thanks to all the holiday sales that start popping up right after Halloween. Sorry to sound old and crotchity, but remember when the holiday sales started in late November?

Still, who can resist a good deal? A little snow plus slashed prices on just about anything you can think of leaves your pocket less empty and you and your family and friends a bit cheerier.

Anyways this week has been up and down - work is busy for both S and I and we find ourselves forgetting that the 26th will mark...wait for it...Stuff Under Twenty's first birthday. Sigh they grow up so fast.

But in honor of our blog's birthday, and the holidays, we'll be offering one helluva giveaway. So stay tuned!

Until then, we'll be out gallivanting, in hibernating, and everything in between.


N + S

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