weekend words

Dear readers, friends, and any combination thereof,

Is that a use of the word thereof? Is that a word? So many things left to learn, so many other pointless ways to fill the time I could be learning...

N and I had one of those weeks where every day alternating ones of us (there's only two, try to keep up with my poor construction) said, "I had the day you had yesterday." And there was the wordless sigh that followed that meant, "Suck." N is working like a woman possessed through the weekend, pausing way too briefly to attend a Dylan concert with that boy who's growing on me. I have a reservation at the Genius Bar for a concerning click in my new computer, and a scheduled date with myself to get ice cream afterwards. And then I need to borrow some of N's work ethic and push through literature searching and report writing and who knows what else is on that Sunday list I've put out of my head.

Have a fabulous Columbus Day (is that a thing you say?), which we are taking off because it is also, more importantly - Happy birthday to my dear sister!

See y'all on Tuesday!
N + S

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