Guest Post: Breast Cancer Awareness Badge Pull

Stuff Under Twenty Guide to Breast Cancer Pink Products
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This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Although a lot of things have been done to aid in breast cancer treatments, there is still a lot to be done. Take charge of your breast health and practice self-breast exams. Also, support organizations like NBCAM and Komen by purchasing a pink product for under twenty. Learn how to do a self-exam here.

Show your support daily with this ID badge pull.

$3.99 at Marcus Uniforms


  1. I apologize about that! Here is a link to a badge pull similar to the one listed: http://www.marcusuniforms.com/Pink-Ribbon-Retractable-Carabiner-Badge-Holder-P3146.aspx#

    I will post more links at my site. Hope this helps.

  2. Not your fault..the pink was hot! Thanks! I bought 3 for me and my co-workers


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