Dating Under Twenty: Boston

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Dating Under Twenty: Boston

By: Kaneisha Grayson

Boston is a city teeming with college and university students, and there are plenty of great cheap date options to make sure you don’t have to count beans in Beantown. With just $20, you can have an excellent date.

$2 x 2 people = $16 left. Start your day learning all about beer at the Sam Adams Brewery in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood. The tour itself is free but the company asks that you give a $2 donation that goes to charity. On the tour, you will learn all about how beer is made from a very informed and approachable tour guide, what gives various beers their different tastes and textures, and get to sample four ultra-fresh beers made on location at the end of the tour.

Assorted delights for 2 @ $6 each = $4 left. Now that you and your date are nice and tipsy, take a 15-minute walk over to Papusa Guanaca to buy some mouth-watering El Salvadorian food to soak up the alcohol in your system. The food here is dirt cheap, delicious, and served piping hot. In addition to the signature papusas, try the tostadas, empanadas, and the fried plantain.

Nature’s free beauty = $4 left. Now that you’re full and sleepy, reawaken your senses by communing with nature at the Arnold Arboretum. This sprawling park is one of Harvard’s most wonderful contributions to the city of Boston. Open 365 days a year from dusk til dawn, you can always impress your date by bringing him or her to explore the seemingly endless nooks and crannies of the Arboretum. Be sure to stop by the bonsai exhibit, and if the both of you have the energy, attempt to ascend one of the tall hills—Peter or Bussey. Once you make it to the top, you’ll have the privilege of a stunning view of the city, the perfect place for a first kiss at the end of a long day.

By now, you and your date are exhausted. Thankfully, the Arboretum is right off the T.
Use your last $4 to generously swipe both you and your date onto the train.

This was just one of many dates under $20 that two people with a sense of adventure and willingness to walk can experience in the great city of Boston.

Read more of Kaneisha’s dating advice at her blog Kaneisha’s CrazyGirl Nation.

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