Z: food face plate

It's September 1st and that means back to school! We'll be reviewing the alphabet for the next few days for those you of you who got a little too used to summer. (Remember how on the first day of school you held your pen and it was almost like you had forgotten how to write for a bit?) In the grand tradition of animal-alphabet flashcards and in the interest of organizational constraints on posting, we'll be skipping X and Q. So don't leave a comment telling me I don't know the alphabet! I do. And, oh yeah, we're going backwards. Because 1. it's a blog and it makes more sense, and 2. we're adults here.

Z is for zany and perfectly delicious. And because if you have to eat your veggies, you might as well enjoy it. Also, note that this post is so zany the picture is on the OTHER SIDE!

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