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Hi Readers,

You know what's scary? It's like, October. It's not even like September. It's like October. It's like, almost 2010. It's like finally we'll be back in a decade that people know how to label. Remember when it was 2000 and people were like, what will we call this decade? The auughts? The naughts? The oh-ohs? And we were all like we'll decide later. And WE NEVER DID. We passed TEN YEARS not deciding. We just decided to hang out until something that we know how to name came along. And it's almost here. It just turned the last season it ever will turn in the unnamed decade. From now on, we'll know how to say, the first winter of the Tens! We have three months left in this lost decade, and then we'll be able to have trends we can identify in 10-year chronological segments. Like how the 30s were the Depression and 40s were the War and the 50s were the boom and the 60s were the hippies and the 70s were the War and the 80s were the 80s. It feels almost like we never cohesed an identity because even if we had, how would we have identified it? (Instead, we made up words like cohesed. And tweet. And continued to say "like" like our livelihoods depended on it. Just me on that last one.) I guess we could always go with the War.

So heavy for a ww, huh? I apologize that our usual lightheartedness isn't around, but everything feels a little heavy right now. Have a good, good, good, fall, delicious, living, breathing, cinnamony-spice, cozy sweater, sunglasses, TiVo, old friend, new friend, bbq, dinner party, sunrise, sunset, letters in the mail, gumballs from the machine, pasta, sorbet, live music, on-the-go, sit-and-think, book-smell, breathe-hard, love-hard, fall weekend.

Until Monday,

N + S

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  1. I completely agree with you about defining the decades and such... what happened? Maybe it will just take some more time to pass before we can look back and define... but for now, I agree. Totally lost!


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