weekend words

Hi Readers,

It's been a long week and we're both glad it's over. Sometimes your work life and personal life pile up to the sky at the same time and there's no real recovering except for plowing through. So that's what we do and what we'll keep doing.

I'm off to a lovely dinner with the guy tonight and then spending the weekend with my aunt who is visiting from overseas for a few weeks. Maybe some shopping - I need a new pair of dark jeans.

S is at home, being with family and friends. We feel like we haven't talked to each other in years and it's probably only been a few days. That's how the mind of the BFF works, I guess.

Anyway, a new giveaway starts soon and perhaps more importantly, we're looking for an intern! Apply, pass around, help us keep the blog going! The description is available here.

Enjoy the weekend!

N + S

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