Guest Post: sculpted flower ring

Finish off your flower detailed look with a flower ring.

$19.50 at The Limited

Thank you to N & S for giving me the opportunity to guest blog and I wish all the readers everlasting style. Stay Classy - Laura from Tales from the Boomerang Lady


  1. There's actually a cheaper version of this ring at Forever21 for about $5 or $6.

  2. Cool! We love lots of options - send us the link and we'll post it!

  3. http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fname=FOREVER21&category%5Fname=acc%5Frings%5Fpins&product%5Fid=1062969038&Page=all#

    The F21 "Peyton Flower Ring" is only available in peach and cream colors, and the metal leaf is gold rather than silver, but at $4.80 it's an even better bargain. :)


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