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Hi Readers,

I'm really glad it's Friday. I know we say that every week, but there are just some Friday where you's really feeling the weekend, you know? I think my lust for Saturday and Sunday is coming from the fact that I had a wonderful time last weekend at this lake. I read, picked up a tan, did some swimming at the river, and spent a little time with a bunch of fun loving kids. And if that wasn't enough, I spent a night under the stars in a sleeping bag - and loved it. Hey, maybe it isn't too late for me to write myself off as an unhappy camper.

This weekend will be spent at home, giving my bedroom a much needed clean, and hopefully heading to the movies to see either (500) days of summer or Funny People - any readers have a strong opinion on which one to see?

S is a busy bee. About to begin a whirlwind of traveling for what feels like the 100th time this year, I think she's gearing up by catching up on lots of work at home. Seems like that girl is always working 24/7. Thank goodness for emailing and phones, otherwise we'd never keep in touch!

As usual, tell us what you're up to, and what you'd like to see on the blog. New giveaway starts next week - I hope you enjoyed checking out happygirlgreeting's wonderful work! We're happy to have the store as a sponsor and hope you'll check her cards out next time you need to reorder some much-needed personalized stationary.

Lots of love to our readers. Without you, we'd be two 20 somethings blogging to each other.

N + S

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