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Hi Readers,

This ww is quite late and a little bit off, but that pretty much reflects my week, weekend, month, whatever. N set off for a quiet weekend with some museum visiting and shrimp boil ahead. I'm headed down to the city to see a friend and possibly some fireworks.

This weekend is the last in a looooong series of weekends out of town, since the beginning of May. I'm a frequent traveler because I live so far from family and old friends, so hopping a plane for a day or two across the country is not a big deal at all to me. But somewhere along the way, I think I got sucked into thinking that because the trip itself is so familiar, the traveling is inconsequential. This series of weekend jaunts, some for business, some for pleasure, has really reframed that for me. I've been so tired and at such loose ends. I've felt uprooted and unproductive and I can't tell you how excited I am that it's coming to an end. I have a little work trip in the middle of week, but other than that, I'm home indefinitely. I'm headed back earlier than I thought tomorrow, and I'm going to take a day to refocus. Some list-making is definitely in my future, but I could use some (non-woo-woo, I'm really not that girl) tips to recenter. Any advice?

S + N

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