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I just started some work at a new job, and at the end of every day, I literally collapse in my house. There's something about getting back into the work-world, complete with office supplies, uncomfortable desk chairs, and hours staring at a computer screen, that can feel exhausting. For our readers who spend days in the office, and for those whose homes are their office, and for those who work the 24-7 job that is Parent, these wonderful Wynndrew funk-tion-al bath products are DEFINITELY for you.

No money or time for a vacation or spa? Try Wynndrew's new Elated Bath Salt Scrub. Sink into your tub and maybe your honey will join you, or, even better, agree to clean the house/childsit while you catch up on magazines or just self-reflection time.

Or maybe you're a sucker for delicious smells. Lavender has shown to have healing properties including lowering stress levels, easing PMS or period pain, even sleeping better at night. This wonderful bar of soap, lathered up during a night shower, will help you wash away those day-to-day anxieties.

Maybe you're not a bath products girl and would rather indulge in the wonders of touchable, baby soft skin - might I recommend the Honeysuckle Body Butter? It'll have you smelling of warm days and sweet flowers, and the thick concoction will soften even the most rough parts of your skin.

For gift giving or slumber-partying, these bath products are unique and truly a great deal. Check out wynndrew's store at Etsy and let us know what your favorite picks are!

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