grosgrain pump

You know that game that you play in the car that each successive person is supposed to add a letter to previous letters that DO NOT complete a word but are part of a real word? And it sounds really stupid but it's actually really hard because after you get past 3-4 letters everyone's brain kind of heads to the same word? Like F, okay everything's open, but then R, all of the sudden you're down to a couple of vowels and make you pick I so that the next person can decide to go with FRIT(TER) or FRIE(ND or D) or FRI(DAY) or FRIZ(ZY) but c'mon after that fourth letter everybody has zeroed in one word, maybe two, and you're just fr(ANTICALLY) counting letters and hoping that it's not your turn when the end of the word comes alone. Well, once I was playing and did GROS and my brother sighed and finished the S, and little did he know that I knew the word GROSGRAIN!!!

$19.80 at Forever 21

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