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Hi Readers,

I'll keep it short and sweet this week. We're both relieved to have this week over as it's been kind of hectic for the both of us. I'm starting some new work on Monday so while I spend the weekend cleaning the house and getting ready for a new adventure, S is headed off to a wonderful 4 day cruise. Hopefully she'll get some well-deserved R&R in before things get busy again.

We're taking a break from giveaways this week, but will start up again next Friday! Thanks for all the feedback and encouragement for these giveaways - we really feel lucky to be able to offer you these opportunities. If you're a seller or store owner and are interested in collaborating, please contact us! We have a few spots open over the next couple of months.

Any exciting plans for Father's Day? Comment and tell us what's up.

Until Monday,


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  1. Maybe you should have a special feature everyday or have a day's post once a week about a complete outfit for under $100 with each piece being under twenty. You could also suggest where such an outfit would/should be worn. This would be a play on emilystyle's blog.


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