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Hi Readers,

I decided to get a head start on my weekend and jumped into pajamas the minute I got home, then proceeded to watch one of my many Bette Davis films. I've been in a classic film mood, I guess - though yesterday I was thrilled to watch the season premiere of Burn Notice - I'm a complex woman and don't you forget it.

S is, once again, doing a bit of traveling - she's preparing and then giving a talk in Montana, the beautiful state of big sky and treasure. Given the way the weather has been in her neck of the woods, Montana will hopefully be a nice little escape. I'm kind of bummed that I'm not going with her! But then, we'll always have Michigan.

Ok enough of my ramblings - we have a new giveaway coming up, and next week we took the suggestions of some of our followers and have decided to feature men's items under $20! Just in time for Father's Day.

So if you have any products that the guys in your life love or want to see, let us know.

Until Monday,

N + S

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