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Hi Readers,

May 1st, seriously? How did that happen, S and I asked ourselves this morning on the phone. This weekend is a little boring for the both of us. S has some serious work to complete, I just finished a huge chunk of work and am probably going to hibernate for about 2 days until this crazy rain passes.

Normally I'd announce our new giveaway winner, but it turns out we don't have one yet! That means there's still a chance for one of you to win that wonderful custom rubber stamp. Check your inbox, we may be emailing you soon!

Information about the upcoming giveaway will be up soon.

Let's see, anything else? I might try my hand at baking if I can convince someone to join me in the effort. S and I are exstatic about our upcoming reunion, in which we do some traveling together. We're off to Michigan! More details later, but we're looking forward to blogging on the road! We'll probably seek some advice about places to go if we find the time, so all you local Michigan residents keep an eye out!

Happy International Workers Day
everyone, and until Monday,

N + S

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  1. Yeah! I live in Michigan... drop me a line if you want some shopping on the west side of the state!


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