weekend words

Hi Readers!

"What day is it? Already the weekend?" you say? Nope, but it is for us, readers, because this is officially our 1000th post!

*throw confetti here*

S and I cannot at all believe that we've posted so many times since the end of November, but there it is. We wish there was a bigger way for us to celebrate with our audience, but we have no ideas except to keep offering giveaways for as long as possible. Not a bad bargain right?

We are celebrating in the most wonderful way possible - we're going to take a little trip together, to Michigan actually (anyone sort of near the Detroit area? Email us!) S is attending a conference and I'm tagging along so that we can do some serious catching up and enjoy our favorite things: spring weather, free cable and wireless, and talking over a cold beer until the late hours. I've said it before and I'll say it again - spend time with your BFFs as much as you can.

We'll announce our giveaway winner soon so check your inboxes to see if you're a winner. We'll be back on Monday with hopefully some time to chronicle our trip (which lasts through Wednesday). Look out for our new giveaway, which we'll post tomorrow.

Hoping everyone in and around the Santa Barbara fires is safe and well,

N + S


  1. congrats ladies, and keep em' coming.

  2. um wow, congrats. i can't believe you already on 1000 posts!! so proud of you both.


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