hogg heavenly lavendar giftset

Remember those 3-7 years, depending on how 'in' you were and how long your mom could handle holding her nose, you spent buying nothing but various cloying products from various body product stores for every holiday and birthday and celebration for your middle school and/or junior high buddies, who promptly handed an identical containers with a slightly different scented product right back to you? Welcome to the grown-up version, minus cloying and angst, plus subtle and handmade.

$16 at hoggwash's etsy shop


  1. I've bought soap from hoggwash before and I love it (not to mention it's cute)!

  2. These products are great and the whole concept of Hoggwash is incredibly original. I too have purchased several items for myself and gift baskets for friends and family. They have all been well received. Recently I inquired about small soaps for a baby shower favor and Hoggwash came through! The mini safari soaps were a hit!


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