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Hi Readers,

Phew what a week - S and I are both swimming in some stress. She's preparing for a conference and recovering from the flu and I'm applying for a fellowship. I guess it would help if we weren't procrastinators - come on though, who's with us?

We're so happy to be able to offer giveaways to our readers - we've just wrapped up our second giveaway, and want to wish a big CONGRATULATIONS to Collin for winning that ever-so-delightful print from artwatercolor's etsy shop.

Fear not, for there's another giveaway that begins tomorrow!

Let's see our weekend plans are a bit dull. While S gets herself back to 100% healthy, I imagine her time will be spent hunkering down with a blanket, some occasional television (any Bones fans?) and writing. While I attempt to answer application questions, I'm going to spend tomorrow with The Boy's parents, who are in town for the weekend. This isn't that stressful because I've met them before (phew!) but is also a little stressful because our parents are meeting for the first time (not my mom unfortunately, she's out of town!). I think it will be fine, but these are the kinds of things that throw butterflies into my stomach.

Suggestions for next week? Tips on avoiding procrastinating tendencies? Leave us a comment. :)

Until Monday!

N + S

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