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Hello readers,

Mid-April, how the time flies. I know I always seem to start my weekend words with a remark on how fast the year is going by but I'm still in perpetual disbelief.

I think it's going to be a great weekend for both S and me. S is off to a book release party - I'm excited to hear if one of our favorite celebrities, who is rumored to make an appearance, will actually show up! Then she's off for a weekend around town, parties, clubs, you know the drill. What a glamorous weekend, I'm so pleased.

I don't think our weekends could be more opposite. I'm probably going to hunker down and enjoy the domestic life with The Boy - that means heading to the local bar, cooking some delicious food (yea, it turns out we're both food snobs, perhaps that's why we're so compatible) and enjoying the abnormally warm weather we're supposed to be having the next few days.

In terms of housekeeping, I'm so thrilled to announce our second giveaway which began today and ends Thursday. You can find details about the giveaway here!

As always, keep your suggestions and comments coming.

Have a wonderful weekend!

N + S

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