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Hello to our regular readers and welcome to anyone who stopped by for our $20 gift card to Target.com giveaway! We received over 400 entries... and the lucky winner is Sunny of 20 cloves! Sunny, we've emailed you about the win, so make sure you get in touch within 24 hours!

It was great to see your suggestions and compliments in the entries. Using a combination of multiple spreadsheets and blind guessing, I've come up with some numbers.
  • About 25% of you, the clear plurality, would like to see more home items, particularly kitchen items. We had no idea that so many of you were domestically inclined!
  • Another 10% are in love with shoes. Now that we understand.
  • Another 10% are accessories ladies. We totally get it; in this economy, items that can add that special something to the outfits you already have are a hot ticket item.
  • We had vocal minorities calling for pet items, plus size clothing, makeup, and eco-friendly products.
  • Then there were the clever ones asking for more giveaways!
  • And finally, by far our favorite, the entrants who clearly clicked over to this blog never having read it before and posted inscrutable or irrelevant ideas. We admire your pluckiness and confess to having made random stuff up to enter giveaways ourselves.
This has been an up and down week for both N and me on a number of fronts. As usual we're glad for the weekend, but pretty thankful for the week, and mostly grateful for each other. N has plans to cook whole salmon for the first time in her life tomorrow. Any recipes to share? I've gotta warn you, though. The woman is definitely a food snob. And I say that in the best possible way. I need to write, write, write this weekend but might read, read, read instead. My house could use a thorough scrubbing. And I've decided to go to Tahoe this summer, so I'm going to scour Craigslist for some deals that probably won't make the under twenty cut.

As always, thanks for reading! It's been a pleasure to connect with ever more readers and bloggers. If you're new (or not!), please feel free to contact us with suggestions or comments. And if you stopped by for the giveaway, stay tuned because we have some more coming up!

Until Monday,
S + N

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