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Hi Readers,

I feel all this pressure to write a good weekend word, but there's not much to report! Though, as the old adage goes, sometimes no news is good news. We're in the midst of our first giveaway, which S and I are both very excited about - If this is your first time hearing about it, we're giving away a $20 egiftcard to Target.com. Details about the giveaway can be found here.

Let's see, what does the first weekend in April have in store for us? S is back in the blur that is work but now that it's warming up a little over in her neck of the woods, I've been assured that at least some of the folders and binders and books will be reviewed at the beach. And if not that, I'm sure she's got her new sci-fi book (edit from S: I would call it "genre-bending", to be precise) open with the sun and waves to keep her company. Yes, S is a big science fiction novel fan. I am not, just in case you lovely readers ever wanted to send recommendations or gifts...Kidding! But not about being a fan.

I think my weekend is going to be a bit slow, so I guess it's a good time to catch up on chores and sleep. I've been wanting to bake bread for a few weeks and I just haven't gotten around to it - I have a bread machine and everything and I still can't manage to make the time. Ah well, maybe this week. If not, then hopefully my days will be well spent.

Thanks for your support readers - we love the comments and feedback we've been getting and hope to see more of it. We blog with our readership in mind, so it's meant a lot to hear from you!

Happy Weekend,

N + S

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