Target Stuff Under Twenty: ceramic cake plate

I'm in love with this cake plate because I'm in love with the little craft from Better Homes and Gardens below. Yes, that's right. I cheated on my beloved Real Simple this month! It's only because I already read it cover to cover, I swear.
Anyway, if I had any creative inclination whatsoever, I would make this. Instead, I'll just look at it on the internet and contemplate buying this lovely cake plate from Target.

$13.49 at Target


  1. cake plates are such a fun thing to have in the kitchen...now if i just started baking i would have use for one.

  2. Love this cake plate! And I am loving your blog, ladies! I just added you to my blog roll :)

    Looking forward to reading your blog...often.

    PS: Seriously, I can't believe this cake plate is under $15. What a find!


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