cotton jersey scoop neck

Love that little puffed sleeve. This comes Anne of Green Gables approved. (I loved that movie. I know I'm supposed to say I loved that book, but I saw the movie way, way before I read the book, and I saw it so many times that when I read the book I felt like the book had it all wrong. I loved Anne of Ingleside though. And I loved that scene at the end where it was all just a big misunderstanding and they do love each other forever:

("So had had noticed the dress! So he still remembered the old Redmond one he admired so much!")

Anne felt like a released bird... she was flying again! Gilbert's arms were around her... his eyes were looking into hers in the moonlight.

"You DO love me, Gilbert? I'm not just a habit with you? You haven't SAID you loved me for so long."

"My dear, dear love! I didn't think you needed words to know that! I couldn't live without you. Always you give me strength. There's a verse somewhere in the Bible that's meant for you... 'She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life.'"

Life which had seemed so grey and foolish a few moments before was golden and rose and splendidly rainbowed again. The diamond pendant slipped to the floor, unheeded for the moment. It was beautiful... but there were so many things lovelier... confidence and peace and delightful work... laughter and kindness... that old SAFE feeling of a sure love.

And, my, but I'm wordy today, aren't I?

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