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Hello friends,

We've finished our first week of March and I'm still in denial about things like what month it is, and the fact that I'm losing an hour this weekend. But I am relieved it hasn't been getting dark at 4:30.

Not much to report this weekend on my end. I'm facing extremely frustrating technological issues. My internet and phone are both on the fritz which means that blogging has been a pain/nearly impossible. For those of you who don't realize just how dependent I am on the internet, I am. It might be a problem. And now I'm facing withdrawal like you wouldn't believe.

I'm so excited for S because her best friend J is in town. I know they're living it up as we speak and I'd be completely envious except that next week, S and I will be reunited for a few days. Harrah!

This week we introduced a new segment, The Lunch Break, which allows us to spend more time featuring things we love. Our topic Wednesday was the 10 essentials you should have in your closet to spring forward. If you haven't checked it out yet, you should!

That's all the news for now. Keep your comments and suggestions coming. I'm going to attempt to post this right now because by the time it gets published, it will be the end of Friday....

Until Monday,

N + S

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