Rainbow Days: end by alicia bock

My favorite part, other than the beautiful photo, and the polaroid style border, is the typeface on "end" and where it's set in the corner. Fantastic.

$17 for 5x5 print at Alicia Bock's etsy shop (also check out the stunning postcards at v. affordable prices)

Alicia's offering a special promotion for Stuff Under Twenty readers at her shop at aliciabock.com! Enter the code Spring15 for 15% off her gorgeous prints (not valid at her etsy shop, just at aliciabock.com). I want to squee a little bit because I just found out that her photos have been used on the sets of Grey's Anatomy and the Sex and the City movie and while I would like to be above all that and in it solely for the loveliness of the art, I pretty much just want to own something that Carrie Bradshaw might have had hanging in her fake apartment.

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