8 Picks from the Give&Get Sale at Gap & Co (w/ discount coupon!)

Hello all,

Welcome to the Lunch Break! Today we've got spring picks from the Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy, some of our favorite stores. PLUS Gap Etc. are having their 30% off Give and Get sale! You get 30% off your entire purchase March 12th-15th with the printable coupon below (scroll way down), which you can reuse as many times as you want. You give 5% of your total purchase to a charity of your choice. (We've chosen the Boys and Girls Club of America, which you can read more about at the bottom of this post.)

Here are some of the items that will be under twenty bucks with your 30% coupon. If I were you, I'd click everything I liked into my online shopping cart and print it out with the coupon below as a starter list for a few very happy hours browsing in-store.

There's a reason we're always posting cardigans, and that reason is that they're awesome. Check out the sweet ruffle neck on this cardigan that can dress a t-shirt up or dress a button-down down. There's a lovely assortment of colors for everyone from bank manager to playschool director.

30% off $20 = $14 (originally $26.50) at Old Navy

The ruffle neck's a little too sweet for you? Check out this similar style minus ruffles at Old Navy (30% off $20 = $14, also originally $26.50).

I've always loved those belts where you thread one end through the other. Here's a hip take on that childhood classic, in a gorgeous silvery sheen.

30% off $19.99 = $13.99 (originally $29.50) at Gap

A more traditional, still classic style in white and brown also at Gap (30% off $24.99 = $17.49, originally $34.50)

Love the pleat detail in this turquoise top. Completely perfect with a wide belt and a gray skirt to celebrate spring style in winter colors!

30% off $19.99 = $13.99 (originally $34) at Banana Republic

Two other versatile casual-but-still-work-appropriate tops at Gap (30% off $27.99 = $19.59, originally $44) and, where else?, Gap (30% off $27.99 = $19.59, originally $48).

A suede skimmer is always a winner.

30% off $24.99 = $17.49 (originally $49.50) at Gap

If the flower's a dealbreaker, pick up an unembellished pair at Gap (30% off $24.99 = $17.49, originally $45)

Make people smile just by walking by in your striped yellow summer skirt. I have a skirt like this that I wore 40% of last summer because bright colors + elastic waists + bounce = love.

30% off $26.50 = $18.55 at Old Navy

Also pick up a rollover jersey skirt, reigning champion in the ultimate summer skirt competition, at Old Navy (30% off $15 = $10.50).

Love the slim profile and the vintagey feel of this bag. I want to give this to someone, filled with random little trinkets, with a note that says, 'May your life always be uncomplicated enough to fit in this bag'.

30% off $15 = $10.40 (originally $24.50) at Old Navy

This denim is pretty hard to pull off, but definitely worth attempting, which is why you should grab it at its sale price instead of its original price.

30% off $24.99 = $17.49 (originally 89!) at Banana Republic

Less wow factor, but a sure thing, at Old Navy (30% off $24.99 = $17.49, originally $29.50)

And speaking of wow factor, here you go.

30% off $24 = $16.80 at Banana Republic

Pick up a set of gold metal bangles to complete the outfit. I personally would go with a turquoise dress, pink-ish makeup, and brown boots. But it's your spring, and it's your call!

30% off $9.50 = $6.65 at Old Navy

Print the coupon and reuse it as many times as you want at Gap, Gap Outlet, Banana Republic, Banana Republic Factory Store, and Old Navy. Reduce AND reuse - what more could a recessionista want?

The Boys and Girls Club of America is a national organization committed to promoting the well-being of youth, particularly in underprivileged and underserved areas. There are over 4000 Clubs throughout the country providing almost 5 million children and adolescents with positive role models and opportunities to build their skills and self-esteem.


  1. i've worked with the boys and girls club many times. great choice!

  2. Holy Crap! I just wrote a post almost exacltly like this, and what's more amazing, we have none of the same items! Good work as always. My post goes up in the morning.


  3. Holy moly I love that belt! I can't believe I missed the sale!!


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