3 great stores that some recessionistas may have overlooked

We try to feature a variety of stores here at Stuff Under Twenty, but this week for the Lunch Break I thought we should highlight three stores that you may not think to browse through, but should reconsider.


Why you may have overlooked it: Because you think you're too old for those graphic tees of old cartoon shows, and don't have the body or the life for skinny jeans. And you know what? That's fine. There's a time to grow out of those trends, a time when we have to take those tissue graphic tees and relocate them to our pajamas drawer. Still, Alloy may seem like a store exclusively for teenagers with tons of cash in their wallets, but there are some great finds here for a broader recessionista audience!

Look for: Great sales on cute spring and summer dresses, tops for that bachelorette party in Vegas and Casual Fridays, beach-ware, and affordable, versatile flats.

Our picks:

Embellished Dress: $19.99 (originally $39.50)

Serena Boot: $19.99
(originally $42.50)

Art Deco Tunic: $9.99 (originally $30.50)

Twilight Skimmer: $9.99 (originally

Truck Jeans Twill Capri: $9.99 (originally $37.50)

Truck Jeans Wide-Leg Pant: $19.99 (originally $37.50)

Crochet-Trim Tank: $14.99 (originally

New York & Company:

Why you may have overlooked it: Because professional clothes are always expensive. Building a professional wardrobe involves looking for classic, tailored pieces and finding clothes for the entire year. They require maintenance and they can hurt your wallet. But sometimes they're necessary, and if that's the case for you, New York & Company is the place to look for deals.

What to look for: The store has great sales which include markdowns on everything from trousers to button-downs to handbags. You may have to do a little digging, but isn't it worth it to have a 9-5 outfit that doesn't make you think about the receipt every time?

Our picks:

Fly Away Cardigan: $19.97 (originally $39.95)

Pleated Cami: $18.86 (originally $26.95)

Ballet Neck Tee: $14.95

Epaulette Shirt: $19.77 (originally $32.95)

Pegged Crop Pants: $16.47 (originally $32.95)

Fringed Pashmina: $16.95

Tote with Pushlock Tab: $11.99 (originally $24.99)


Why you may have overlooked it: Because it's a store that looks intimidating to step into and you've convinced yourself you'll never be able to find anything there that works for your style or your budget. Sale sale sale. I can't stress this enough. Sale items will have you looking as good as the models in their catalogs.

What to look for: I love the sweaters here, and the cardigans, and the accessories. Plenty of colors, plenty of styles, tons of basics - it's all there. Excellent.

Our picks:

Sweater Rld Cano7: $12.00 (originally $29)

Cardigan Aubert: $19.99 (originally $59)

Sweater Cld Macaco: $16.99 (originally $59)

Trousers R-B Chino7: $14.99 (originally $39)

Purse P.. Rose C
: $6.99 (originally $15)

Sunglasses P.. Lian C
: $13.99 (originally $29)

Skirt T-D Oldy7: $16.99 (originally $59)


  1. i agree with your selections! just the other day i said to my sister, 'when did alloy get hip again?' (we're in our 20s) i requested the catalog and dog-eared at least 4 pages. as for ny&co, i think seeing their stuff in person makes a difference. they currently have this denim pencil-ish skirt that i'm saving up for - it has a little stretch to it and i can already imagine all the different outfits that can be built around it!

  2. great post! i like new york and company and mango, but i've never tried alloy. thanks for the well written breakdown.

  3. Thanks for sharing those great finds!! New York & Co. ends your search for beautiful summer wardrobes.


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