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Dear readers,

February is almost gone! And yet I can't believe the holidays were only two months ago. So far 2009 has been a long, fast year. We've been completely blown away at the recent growth of our readership and we particularly appreciate every comment and feature in the past week (thanks to the fabulous bloggers of Blog Goggles, kiss and type, t spoon of sunshine, A Mile a Minute, I'm Over It, and Its all good... for their kind words*)!

Congratulations to our ad space giveaway winners: Sweet16Finds, House of Six Cats, and Cozy Girl Designs! Check out their stores for some ridiculously adorable, gorgeous, and comfy finds, respectively.

N is headed out on the town tonight, catching up with old friends tomorrow, and checking out a play in the big city on Sunday. I would say I'm jealous, but my last experience at the theater left much to be desired (picture lots and lots of unexpected nudity, no plotline, and every single cast member dying by the end). Here's hoping hers inspires me to head out again!

I'm going to a training tomorrow - woo! No, seriously, I'm kind of excited about this one. Then I'm going wedding dress shopping with a friend (she's engaged, not me!) for the first time ever. Flashing back to the Friends episode where all the girls come back from shopping with gowns of their own, and of course Liz Lemon's pre-emptive wedding dress. If you're nodding, come back next week for a women of television inspired stuff under twenty day!

Until Monday!
S + N

*Let me know if you blogged about us and we missed it. We'd love to link to you!

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