pangea organics bar soap

It's possible that this is the sweetest way to be green that I've ever heard of. First, you buy this soap. The construction of the bars themselves might make it seem like they're soap for a roughing it kind of gal, but the scents (how badly do I want to write 'flavors' instead of 'scents'?) will make you rethink that.

pyrenees lavendar with cardamom, tunisian olive oil and coconut, indian lemograss with rosemary. yum. anyway.

Then, you take the (organic, no preservatives whatsoever) soap out of its (zero-waste, 100% recycled) packaging. Then you - wait for it - plant the packaging in soil. It's embedded with spruce seeds, and with some water, sun, and TLC, you can grow yourself a spruce in time for Christmas. Yeah. Take that, climate change.

$8 at Pangea Organics

(image credit: sustainable is good)

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