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the day i wish i was having #1

This is going to be a long day. Mondays are always long days, and Mondays lately are longer than ever. My long day involves an observation, another observation, a meeting, a meeting, another meeting, and a meeting. Instead of telling you about the day that I'm going to have, I'm going to tell you about the day I wish I was having instead.

If I was having the day I wish I was having, first, I would wake up. Obviously. It's important that I not tell you what time I would wake up, so that you do not write me off as the World's Laziest Person, Whose Opinions on Bargain Products are Unimportant. However, the sun would have been shining for many hours already. Then I would eat. I don't usually eat until noon, but since it may or may not already be noon, I would probably eat. And I would drink my most favorite drink ever, Simply Limeade, which is ridiculously expensive compared to many other kinds of limeade, but I try to buy it on sale, but I have to admit that when I run out, I'll buy it at pretty much any price.

And I would drink it in this fantastically beautiful tumbler, reserved for perfect days and Simply Limeade.

$12.50 at Lekker

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  1. This was a cute post. I liked it.


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