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Dear Readers,

Well, I'm back in town after wandering through Wyoming, South Dakota, Idaho, and good ol' Los Angeles. It's been weeks of travel, and though all for the best, I can't say it was the easiest journey. Still, under the circumstances, it was a great time.

While S gets back into a ridiculously busy schedule, I have to publicly tip my hat to her because I haven't been blogging at all this week. Talk about picking up the slack. Hopefully I can return the favor if need be, especially since S is about to become the jet-setting one in our dynamic duo.

In other news, don't we love the pumps and dresses days? I liked the idea so much, I'll be featuring a day of intimates and art next week. Let us know if there is a series of stuff under twenty you'd like to us to feature.

Next week will be February. I hope it will bring more peace of mind than last month did.

Until Monday,


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